Group: Testimonials

Dr. Byron Tomlins

After having retired after 35 years of practice I wanted to write you this letter thanking you both for providing excellent product lines for my patients, friends, and family over the years. There are many product lines on the market today but none better than Life Priority.
Total Joint Complex is the finest supplement for musculoskeletal protection I have ever seen, used, and recommended to patients. Many of my patients have benefited from Lift Caps, 3 way Calcium, and your V-Guard 2 has never been more important than in today’s health environment.
It has been my honor and pleasure to work with you both and your outstanding company over the lifetime of my chiropractic practice. I highly recommend your product lines to anyone seeking a higher level of health.

Sharleen R. Kansas

I am a retired nurse. Taking Lift Caps enabled me to maintain a mind and body fitness to continue working five years beyond my usual retirement date. Now as a retired grandma caring for grandkids, it helps me have the energy to keep up with young bodies and minds. I even tried for a brief time to forego taking it. My daughter calls me the “energizer bunny.”

William Klein

I have used Life Priority products for more than 12 years.  I started with Joint Decision (glucosamine) because my knees were aching due to many years of playing sports.  The product took approximately 4 weeks to kick in, (for some it kicks in sooner) but when it did, it was remarkable!  I went from playing 35 softball games a year with my knees wrapped and hurting most of the time, to playing over 100 games including national and world tournaments with no wrap and little to no discomfort!  In recent years, as senior softball began to allow hotter bats, the game became much faster.  Consequently I looked into additional products including; Mind, Lift, and Muscle Memory.  The first two allow me to be more alert, and as a pitcher that is imperative.  Using Muscle Memory results in less stiffness the second,  third days of tournament play.  I put these supplements in a Gatorade product and take about one hour before a game.  I do not play a game without first taking these three important supplements, any more than I would attempt to play a game without stretching!  My wife and I also use other Life Priority products such as Prostrate Priority, Calcium and Omega 111 Fish Oil.  Our experience is that the products are what they are represented to be, are effective, and are made in the USA!

Marjorie W.

I am blessed to be turning 90 this summer. I thank God for my good health and the Life Priority supplements that I have been taking since 1999. I first heard of Life Priority from an interview of Greg Pryor, a retired baseball player who was using a product called Joint Decision with glucosamine to support his joints.

I ordered 2 bottles of Joint Decision and have been a loyal Life Priority customer ever since. I also starting using the One Per Meal Lifeguard and the Lift Caps Too!
I rarely get sick and I have more energy than most people. I still enjoy getting out and taking care of my garden and mowing my yard.

Thank-you Life Priority for your wonderful customer service (Michelle) and your helping me to invest my money in my health with your wonderful products-

I’m 90 and still going strong!

Cecil A. Missouri

I have found the Life Priority supplements Joint Decision and Total Joint complex to be awesome. I try to keep healthy with natural solutions. I had a severe accident many years ago and have suffered ever since. Medications did not help me get better but-Joint Decision adn Total Joint complex have made a big difference in how I feel and how I able still able to walk and get around. If you haven’t tried it you should!

I felt my memory slipping so Michelle suggested the PS Caps (Phosphatidylserine). I can definitely tell a difference. I know the difference in the quality of Life Priority-real products and real owners who care about quality products-


I am not a wealthy man but Life Priority supplements are worth every penny!

Carrie Mark, MA, RDN, LD

As a dietitian I advise that you try and get all the nutrients you
need through food, but realistically getting 100% of all required
nutrients on a daily basis through food can be a challenge; since
everyone’s lives are so busy, and hectic, and processed food is
always just around the corner to choose. That’s why I started
using Life Priority supplements. These products are not only made
with the highest quality of ingredients but they have been proven
to provide the nutrients they say they will.
One of my favorites is the Lift Caps. The Lift Caps not only provide
you with all your B vitamins but they provide many other essential
vitamins as well that give me the energy boost I need to get through
my days of working, working out, and parenting. When I first
received the sample I wasn’t sure about the product and I thought it
would be much like other supplements that I have taken, and I
wouldn’t notice a difference at all by taking them. But, I was quickly
proven wrong with just one use. I take the Lift Caps every day and
every day I am amazed at the amount of energy they provide me.
Before I started taking the Lift Caps I would catch myself not
wanting to work on projects for work, work out, and I dreaded the
after school routine of homework, lessons, practice and dinner. Now
I don’t dread it at all, as I have the energy and mental stamina to get me from
work, to the gym, to the after school routine with my kids. I would recommend
this product to anyone who is feeling like they just don’t have the energy. You
will be surprised and amazed at the results and how much better you will feel
after just one day of taking them.

J. Alley

With all the PT and hiking we do, joints get worn down and blown out. I see Marines who have been in for 10 years with the aches and pains that normal people don’t get until later in life. I don’t want to be hobbling around using a cane by age 30, so I use Joint Decision.

There are times when sleep is not possible when we’re out in the field. To combat that I use Lift Caps. It’s an easy way to stay alert and ward off the sandman.

Staying healthy is essential as well, and Lifeshield is the best multi-vitamin I’ve found.

An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

Thank you Greg and Michelle for hooking me up!

Debbie S.

“I began taking the Life Priority Durk and Sandy products in 1994 when I was coaching U.S. Diving locally. I wanted to maintain energy, muscle strength, healthy mind, and weight balance. It was not long before I was hooked on the best products I’d ever tried. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness did not win over my will to stay healthy and strong even going through much devastation. Today in 2008 I am still diligently taking these products and have remained in remission from scleroderma and lupus for several years with very little flares or side effects.”

Dee F.

“I was worried about making it through the Christmas holiday because I had been so down and tired. I was also worried about being able to stay awake for a cruise I had already paid for. When my friend introduced me to LIFT and MIND the results were immediate. I found myself lifted out of the Holiday depression and was able to enjoy my cruise. I began getting things done that I put off for months. Sometimes I’d put things off for years, such as phone calls, cleaning and organizing. Now I am able to get all of these things done. I feel wonderful thanks to LIFT and MIND.”

Topper S.

“LIFT and MIND really makes me feel better. I have as much pep and energy at the end of the day as I do at the beginning. My procrastination has ended. I put Christmas trees up this year in every room of my house for the first time. I even decorated the inside of my house as well as the outside without any help. I got my friend and dance instructor to use both LIFT and MIND. They both love it. My dance instructor suggested to me that I order more. With LIFT and MIND I can tolerate things now that I couldn’t before.”