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Life Priority Whey of Life Protein

Life Priority is very excited to offer one of the most valuable nutrients for the body—protein!!

Did you know that your organs, tissues, muscles and hormones are all made from proteins? The protein found in foods is used by every part of the body to develop, grow and function properly.

It can be argued that nothing is more important than consuming protein foods, and because proteins are involved in just about every body function, it’s important that you consume foods high in protein every day, during every meal to prevent protein deficiency, which can wreak havoc on the body.

Studies show that eating a high-protein diet has a number of health benefits. Not only does it help you maintain and lose weight, but it also works to stabilize your blood sugar levels, improve your ability to learn and concentrate, reduce brain fog, boost your energy levels, support your muscles and bones and support the absorption of important nutrients.

Many people make the mistake of trying diets that involve calorie counting and deprivation. On a high-protein diet, you will feel completely satiated after eating, and you won’t have to deal with the blood sugar highs and lows that lead to cravings and moodiness. You’ll be surprised to see how many foods you can eat on a high-protein diet. Even people on a vegetarian or vegan diet, who sometimes turn to processed foods for energy, have enough high-protein foods to choose from.

We need to eat plenty of protein foods every day to keep our metabolisms running, our energy up and our blood sugar levels stable.

You might eat enough protein overall, but do you eat the right kinds?

Life Priority takes all the guess work out of getting enough of the right protein with our Whey of Life Protein.

We now offer WHEY OF LIFE protein. WHEY OF LIFE is a flavorless, high grade, whey protein isolate that offers 20 grams of protein per serving. Our WHEY OF LIFE mixes instantly in just plain spring water or you can add it to most any beverage. Get the high-grade WHEY OF LIFE protein from Life Priority today and start experiencing the great results that using enough protein can give you!

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Breakfast: Still the Most Important Meal

With summer fast approaching, many people are trying to lose weight and rediscover their “swimsuit bodies.” This often includes a lot of diet and exercise, but the key to weight loss may be found in breakfast.

Many people skip breakfast and instead bring snacks to hold them over, or worse, they wait until lunch to consume their first food of the day. While this may seem like a good way to cut out calories, it’s actually damaging in the long run. Without breakfast, people can feel hungry more often and thus eat more food, and in particular, non-healthy, sweet-tasting food. By eating a well-balanced breakfast, you can feel full longer throughout the day and not eat as much.


Eating breakfast sounds simple, but what should you eat for the most effective results? Doctors, healthcare professionals, nutritionists and dietitians all recommend a wide range of possibilities so you can pick what works best for your schedule, your dietary needs and that fit your taste buds.

Some healthy breakfast ideas include:

  • Hot oatmeal with berries and maple syrup
  • Scrambled eggs, a couple slices of Canadian bacon and some fruit
  • High fiber cereal with low-fat milk and a banana
  • A variety of berries coupled with low-fat Greek yogurt with some almonds
  • Smoothies consisting of low-fat Greek yogurt, sugar and berries
  • Whole wheat bread or English muffins with peanut butter and apples along with milk or juice
  • Burrito wraps with a dash of cheese, low-fat sour cream and salsa
  • Cottage cheese paired with fruits, vegetables and nuts

All of these are great ways to create a more healthy diet and start your day off strong. Using these ideas as a base and tweaking them to your liking (without straying too far) will give you more protein, fiber, potassium, calcium and various vitamins. In addition, you will feel full longer and not have the urge to reach for those always tempting high-sugar and fatty snack foods.

So make sure to start your day with a bang and make breakfast a priority. After all, mom always said breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it certainly is.

You can also ensure a healthy foundation for your diet with a high potency multivitamin, like One-Per-Meal LifeguardOne-Per-Meal LifeGuard™ is a multi-vitamin and mineral anti-oxidant supplement formulated for free radical protection and general nutrition needs. One-Per-Meal LifeGuard™ contains 25 essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that may show significant beneficial effects on your health.