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Portrait of a young woman sneezing In to tissue

3 Tips to Prepare Yourself for Cold & Flu Season

As the weather changes, so do health risks. The temperature lowers, winds change and things begin to die off, but the cold and flu is just getting warmed up. The fall brings many cases of the cold and flu, and staying healthy can be especially difficult during these later months. Although these seasonal illnesses rear their nasty heads, you can take these steps to help stay healthy.

Wash Your Hands

You may hear this all the time, but one simple thing you can do to help you combat bacteria and stay healthy is to frequently wash your hands. Now is the time to start making it a habit, before the cold and flu season really kicks in.

Portrait of a young woman sneezing In to tissue

You touch so many surfaces every day and pretty much all of them are contaminated with bacteria from nature and other people. It is very important to frequently wash hands and use wipes or hand sanitizer. If you can keep your hands clean, it greatly reduces your risk of contracting the flu or cold. You should also disinfect common areas and heavily used surfaces in your home and workplace.

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Another important and seemingly obvious cold and flu prevention method is to eat more fruits and vegetables. With the seasons changing, days become shorter and thus the nutrients you receive from the sun are harder to attain in the necessary amount. A healthy and balanced diet of fruits and vegetables is important to staying healthy.

The nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables can help your body function at a high level to prevent colds and flu before they happen, or minimize them if you do fall ill. If you can help your body stay strong, then it can potentially ward off illnesses easier and keep you going in your busy life.

Once again, don’t wait to start ramping up your fruit and vegetable intake. Start making it a habit now, and build up your immune system for the oncoming cold and flu season before it starts making the rounds in your office.

Lower Your Processed Sugar Intake

Of course fruits and vegetables aren’t enough to keep you healthy. A healthy diet with less sugar is very helpful, but you should also look into health supplements. The fall and winter season are extremely difficult to stay healthy during because attaining the right amount of nutrients and vitamins is harder, and then add all the delicious baked goods that come with the holiday season and it becomes extra challenging.

One way to balance your diet better and resist processed sweets a little easier is to take an effective multivitamin and give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs. For example, One-Per-Meal Lifeguard is a daily multivitamin designed for consumption after every meal, and it’s packed with 25 essential vitamins and nutrients. If you can supplement your diet with Lifeguard, it could really help provide you with the right amount of nutrients to fight off the cold and flu.

In addition, Sunlife could also help you with your Vitamin D-3 intake. With less sun it’s harder to get what we require from the sun, but Sunlife is designed to support your health.

Ready to Fight Cold & Flu?

These are just a few tips to stay healthy during the fall and winter months. Your health is very important and taking the right steps to ensure you stay healthy is vital. So don’t be kept in the dumps by a cold or the flu this year; be proactive and make sure you stay upbeat and healthy during the changing of the seasons.


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Beating Bronchitis: Fight the Virus Directly

beating-bronchitis-virusPrepare Your Body to Fight Bronchitis Directly

Doctor’s orders! Our team here at Life Priority wants to keep you healthy. These recommendations from Dr Michael Cutler on the Easy Health Options blog offer great advice for beating the bronchitis, as well as the post-virus cough. Below is his text…

When prepared, your own body can fight off viral infections better than any antibiotic can. To fight viral respiratory infections such as bronchitis, you will need a well-hydrated body and optimal nutrition to help bolster your immune system.

Here are my recommendations to knock out a respiratory virus:

Sleep as much as possible: This focuses your energy and your immune system to healing your body from the effects of the virus.

Hydrating tea: To make fresh ginger tea, cut off 6-8 coin-size chunks of fresh garlic root into 2 cups water, bring to a boil, and then cool. Add Stevia or honey for taste, and sip this over 2 hours. Also, herbal teas containing cats claw, ginseng, and ginger root fight viral infections. Peppermint and/or chamomile helps nausea and keep you hydrated.

High dose Vitamin C at 9,000 mg in three divided doses each day until you have recovered: In a study of 252 students ages 18 to 30 years, those who received mega doses of Vitamin C reported flu and cold symptoms 85% less than those of the student control group who received pain relievers and decongestants. Physicians have reported this effect from such high doses, but there are no scientific studies reported on www.pubmed.com.

High dose vitamin D at 100,000-200,000 IU daily for just 3 days has been proven to cause a powerful antimicrobial response.  In 1948 researchers first reported near miraculous effects of high dose vitamin D’s effects on influenza and viral pneumonia. Vitamin D in later studies, mega doses of vitamin D was observed to naturally release antimicrobial peptides against infectious agents including bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. The safety of mega doses up to 500,000 IU of vitamin D3 once a month in the elderly has been proven.

Avoid refined sugar: This sweet stuff sours your health. For starters, it suppresses immunity.  As subtle as it may seem, consuming refined sugar during a cold or flu prolongs your sickness. It also slows healing time from injury and actually acidifies the already acidic tissues in these illness states. Also, sugar reduces your defense against bacterial infection.