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Yoga at summitBeep. Beep. Beep. No one really looks forward to their alarm clock in the morning. It disrupts our wonderful sleep and relaxation, and catapults us into the day ahead. The courage and drive to leave the comforts of your bed can be difficult; in fact so challenging that people often set their alarm for as late as possible and then hit the snooze until the point of being late for work. The process of changing such a habit it tough, but developing the right attitude is the most important step to success.

With so many distractions and responsibilities in life, people always say, “There isn’t enough time in the day.” This may seem true at first glance but waking up 15 minutes early can have a wondrous effect on our daily lives. Imagine having time to work out, take a walk, meditate or just have time to yourself in a chaotic world. Think about how much better your mental state could be.

Charles Swindoll once said, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” So, if people can find extra free time by waking up earlier, our mental health could vastly improve and thus lead to a happier, healthier and productive you. Of course, everyone values their sleep, so try going to sleep earlier and setting your alarm 15 minutes early, and make sure to turn on lights or place the alarm out of arms length so you’re more apt to actually get up.

In addition to healthier mind, the extra time could be used to better you physically and/or spiritually. You can use the time to walk, jog, run or pray. Almost everyone feels they need to lose a few pounds and waking up earlier could be all the motivation someone needs.

You may be asking how I can do this with the hectic holiday season in full swing, but you can wait until the New Year to start. Don’t make it a job. In other words, make it fun and even reward yourself for having a better sleeping habit. Also, some other good habits to acquire or build on for the New Year include eating more fruits and vegetables, eating smaller portion sizes and cooking at home and sitting down to dinner with the family on a more regular basis.

Like me, you may also need a little extra boost or kick in the rear to get going on these changes. Finding a workout buddy or a friend who pledges to complete the steps with you is extremely helpful and can ensure success without getting off track. In the case you can’t find someone to be your “healthy partner” you can invest in Lift, which is an all-natural energy drink mix that can help the body increase energy from within. Lift uses Life Priority Lift Powderthe natural stimulators of the body to help you stay more focused and alert through the day without the caffeine and sugar infusion. In addition, Lift can help the body realize when it’s full so you don’t keep eating or pick up fatty snacks later in the day.

Making changes can be scary, but make it your daily resolution to create a better attitude and more healthy habits. Choosing to make the small changes in your daily routine can create huge improvements to your mental and physical health in the long run.

To Your Health!

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